Welcome to the Okanagan Blues Camp

Hello Blues music enthusiasts.  The Okanagan Blues Camp will be on Monday Oct 21, 2019 starting at noon – and running until Wed Oct 23, 2019  in the afternoon.  The event will have students taking lessons from award winning Canadian blues performers, in small classes. The event will be in Penticton, BC. Students will choose a Master Class artist, and a Minor Class performer to mentor them.

This event is being held in cooperation with world famous, Dream Cafe, in Penticton; one of the best blues venues in Canada. All dinners, and the evening concert performances by the teachers, and a final stage performances by students, will be held at the Dream Cafe. Come and be able to brag to your friends that you performed on the Dream Cafe stage! Meals, and the evening concerts are included in your registration or this camp.

You don’t have to be an expert to benefit from this camp. General musical knowledge and practical musicianship on your instrument is all you need. You’ll leave having learned tricks, skills and knowledge from the best in the business, just like they learned from the mentors that went before them.

Direct information :  Mark McKenney  okanaganblues@vip.net  (250) 495-4592

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